Inauguration of Farm Shop at Goenshari Gewog under Punakha

photo_2017-09-21_17-16-39Inauguration of the 6th farm shop at Goenshari Gewog under punakha Dzongkhag by Dasho Dzongdag which is renovated with Nu. 375,241.00 (Funded by GoI). The farm shop is aimed in improving farmers’ income and productivity by increasing farmers’ access to improve RNR inputs and market where the Farm Shop will be operated by Food Corporation of Bhutan limited. Further, farm shop solves difficulties in marketing of farm produce, accessing quality agriculture inputs such as seeds, fertilizer, chemicals, animal feeds, farm equipments, tools, farm machineries and basic farm necessities.

The main objective is to:

  1. Enhance access to RNR inputs and services including market information.
  2. Enhance access to basic essential (food commodities) of local farming communities.
  3. Serve as market outlet for the local RNR produce.

Moreover, farm shops and farmers’ markets allow farmers the opportunity to directly sell their produce to the general public. This direct form of selling is beneficial to both the farmer and the consumer as it increases profit margins while offering locally produced fresh products. The aim of the farmers’ market is to put the consumer in contact with the producer and to provide local, fresh, quality produce. This is to cut out the middleman, which improves financial returns through direct selling, price control and a regular cash flow.

Like similar farm shop opened at Kabjisa, Toedwang, Lingmukha, Shengana and Chhubu, the Goenshari farm shop is expected to deliver a services for the people of the Gewog. Grocery items are available at cheaper rate than that of nearby shop and Market Retail Price besides reducing the travel cost to nearest point. DAMC, FCBL and Dzongkhag Agriculture sector is working on to open other farm shop in remaining Gewogs like Barp, Talo and Toep to provide similar services to the public.

Contact Person: Dzo. Agriculture Sector