Environment Clearance

Most applicable and availed environment clearance form for the Punakha Dzongkhag
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IRevised draft EE-Form-for-General.docx 26.85 KB
Revised draft IEE-Form-for-Road.docx 27.32 KB
Reivised draft IEE-Form-for-Industry.docx 32.64 KB
Revised draft IEE-Form-for-Tourism activities.docx 32.7 KB
Revised draft IEE-Form-for-transmission line.docx 26.57 KB
Revised draft IEE-Form-for-Forestry docx.docx 32.68 KB
IEE-form-underground-water-2018-endorsed.docx 22.93 KB
water abstraction application and permit form- ENGDZO.docx 37.44 KB