Talo gewog covers an area of 25.51 sq. km as per LCMP 2010 with an altitude ranging from 1300-1500 m above sea level. There are 368 households in the gewog, which currently hold a population of 1594 people. The gewog comprises five chiwogs and concurrently has five tshogpas.

The gewog is one of the smallest gewogs of the Dzongkhag. It shares its borders with Guma gewog in the North-East and with Thimphu Dzongkhag in the South-West. About 45% of the land is covered by broad-leaf forest, 35% by coniferous forest, 15% is cultivable land and the rest are shrub forest and natural pasture. The Gewog has a perennial subtropical and temperate improved pasture species of 5.05 acres as well fodder trees and oat species.

Motorable road reaches up to Talo and Nobgang villages, and the majority of the households have access to electricity. It has one RNR centre, one BHU, one ORC, one primary school, one Multi-purpose hall, one community centre and about 98% of the household have access to clean drinking water. The gewog has eight numbers of lhakhangs/temples.