Guma Gewog stretches over an area of as per LCMP 2010 with an altitude ranging from 1200-2200 m above sea level.  There are 816 households, which currently hold a population of 4288 people. The gewog has five chiwogs with five tshogpas. Settlements are quite dense in this gewog due to its proximity to Khuruthang town and Punakha Dzong.

Guma gewog falls under the sub-tropical zone. There is chirpine forest at the lower altitude and mixed warm broad leaf forest at the higher levels. Summers are hot with temperature reaching almost 32 degree Celsius. In winter, the minimum is 12 degree Celsius and maximum of 19 degree Celsius. Land turns dry and is windy with occasional frost in the morning.

Almost all varieties of crops (Dhu na ghu) are grown in the gewog, but importance is given to paddy cultivation. Various vegetables and fruits are also grown and the surpluses are sold in the market. People in Guma Gewog rear local breed, improved breed like Jersey, Mithun cross, hybrids of poultry and pigs. The Dzongkhag Veterinary hospital and Khuruthang town falls in this gewog which facilitates easy service delivery and marketing of their produce.

Guma Gewog has fairly good access to infrastructure and services. There are one RNR centre, one Hospital, one ORC, one extended classroom, two primary schools, one MSS, one HSS, one private school, 3 NFEs, one Multi purpose hall and one community centre. Almost all the chiwogs are connected by farm road and have access to clean drinking water.



No staff in this Gewog.


No tourist destinations in this Gewog.